Corporate Practice

Project Associates’ corporate practice specialises in profile building and the management of issues and crises. We develop multi-channel, holistic programmes which leverage broadcast, print and digital media, influential third-party endorsement, impactful content and global platforms to convey our clients’ key messages to the audiences that matter most. We also work with our clients to build best-in-class internal communications functions.

At the same time, issues or crises, if not handled correctly, can pose an existential threat to a company’s legitimacy and continued operations. We devise communications strategies which effectively mitigate against the reputational risks arising from media, regulatory, political, legal or other business critical issues.

Whether the situation calls for a reactive or proactive approach, we work closely with clients’ legal and other advisers to develop the right strategy to support business objectives, manage key audiences and protect their reputations.

Private Client Practice

Project Associates’ private client practice provides profile building and issues and crisis management for individuals and families. Many of our clients look for bespoke programmes, in order to support business, philanthropic and public diplomacy objectives, for example access to capital, facilitating deal flows, building coalitions around philanthropic endeavours or managing their legacy.

Project Associates also assists private clients seeking to position themselves prior to, during or following an issue or crisis, whether it be an attack from a rival business, false allegations in the media or political worlds or a legal concern.

In both our profiling and issues and crisis work, we provide tailored communication strategies, ranging from full-scale global campaigns to low-key, targeted approaches. In everything we do, we ensure individuals and families communicate effectively with the audiences who matter to them, in a way that builds, enhances and protects their reputations.

Government & Political Practice

Project Associates’ government & political practice provides strategic advisory, digital and traditional campaigning, and public diplomacy services for global political clients. Our clients, usually at head of state or government level, seek our support when confronted with complex challenges. Where competing narratives have drowned out innovation, we support our clients in ensuring their voices and agendas are heard.

We target geographies where opinions need to be better informed, and design strategies to bring about this change. We use our political contacts to expand the reach of leaders; digital campaigns to dominate the digital space; and smart campaigns to energise manifestos and ground-campaigns. We create intelligent media campaigns and generate interest in stories; creating compelling narratives which showcase our clients.

We help clients to reform and restructure their communication apparatuses. Where necessary, we train staff and help build internal capacity to enable clients to compete in the global media landscape. We run in-depth perception-audit programmes, identifying problems, and finding solutions to enable governments to better, and more effectively, communicate to worldwide audiences.