London Office

Project Associates UK

Our flagship London office is our global headquarters and acts as hub for our international network of clients.

Our team in London design and deliver global communication campaigns for some of the world’s leading corporations, private clients and governments.

As one of the world’s leading business and media hubs, we use our unparalleled network in London, combined with our global reach, to deliver insightful strategic counsel and create powerful bespoke communication programmes for our clients which deliver tangible results across the globe.

Our London team is led by Joseph Hesketh and can be contacted via london@projectassociatesltd.com


Project Associates EU

Our work across Europe is coordinated out of our Brussels office, which also manages our engagement with the institutions of the European Union and NATO.

Our team in Brussels, supported by a team of experts drawn from the media, politics, business and diplomacy, help clients address regulatory, reputational and communication challenges. We help international clients understand their risk profiles: developing plans to protect their reputations and subsequently implementing strategies to build support structures that address clients’ needs.

Our team in Brussels is well versed in political decision-making. We understand that government and regulatory affairs are complex disciplines, and that shifting perceptions takes careful, compelling and methodical persuasion. We are experts at devising broad-spectrum campaigns and at understanding the exact nuances of political support.

Our team in Brussels is led by Ambassador Stefano Stefanini. The team can be contacted via brussels@projectassociatesltd.com

Berlin Office

Project Associates CEE

Our Berlin office caters to corporate, international and private clients in Germany and Central Eastern Europe, drawing on our expertise in the mechanics of government and understanding of political realities on the ground. In addition to Berlin, where we help navigate the capital’s corridors of power, we advise clients in Germany’s main business hubs, Frankfurt and Munich, on crisis and profile management and reputational risks.

Berlin’s status as Europe’s leading power broker makes our Berlin team well placed to develop campaigns for international clients, governmental, corporate and private, looking to raise their profile and widen their network in Germany. Beyond Germany, we have extensive networks across Central Eastern Europe where we develop programmes with influential actors in the media and political spheres, as well as the think-tank community.

Our team in Berlin covering Germany and Central Eastern Europe is led by Philip Boyes The team can be contacted via berlin@projectassociatesltd.com

Paris Office

Project Associates France

Our Paris office serves corporate, private client and international clients in France and across the Francophone world, drawing on our expertise in the workings of the French government, and our understanding of the francophone media landscape.

Our team in Paris provides a full suite of strategic communication services for international clients, governmental, corporate and private, who are looking to raise their profile, widen their network, or protect themselves from media crises.

Working with our network of senior advisors, we help guide our clients through media and political crises by creating compelling narratives, as well as conceptualising and constructing coalitions of support.

We leverage our international experience, combined with our instinctive understanding of the French market, to explain, open and map the francophone world for clients worldwide.

Our team in Paris is led by Jean Le Grix de la Salle, and the team can be contacted via paris@projectassociatesltd.com

New York Office

Project Associates USA

Our New York office caters to corporate, government and private clients in the United States and North America. In particular, our New York team advises corporates and private clients on how to change media narratives, and generate impactful global campaigns.

In addition to the above, we also provide our International clients with support around the United Nations General Assembly and international summits taking place in the US.

Our team in the United States is led by Rob Worthington and can be contacted via newyork@projectassociatesltd.com.


Washington DC Office

Project Associates USA

Our Washington DC office caters to government, corporate and private clients in the United States and North America. It serves our international clients who require support in accessing the US’ influential media and political worlds.

In addition, our team in Washington DC provides a window to our pan-European offering. In particular, we guide US corporates through the labyrinth of the EU’s Brussels-based policymaking, providing guidance and delivering campaigns to protect and further clients’ interests.

Our team in the United States is led by Rob Worthington and can be contacted via washington@projectassociatesltd.com