Private Client

The Private Client Practice provides reputation and crisis management to individuals and their families. Beyond dealing with an individual’s or family’s communications issues, we are often asked to provide long-term strategic communications advice and support, fulfilling the role of trusted advisor.

Online communication and changing attitudes towards wealth and prosperity are eroding the traditional line separating private and public life. Privacy and security for private individuals and their families has become more difficult to maintain, and thus requires greater defences to be put in place.

Investing in reputation through strategic communications is an important safeguard against future issues. This is especially important given the development of instantaneous communication and publishing, and the crowded and competitive international media environment.

As well as providing safeguards, some of our clients look for profile building and bespoke campaigns, as a favourable reputation can be invaluable for continued prosperity, particularly in business and in politics.

Each client has their own distinctive characteristics and the solutions they require need to be specifically tailored to their individual circumstances. Strategies are developed in close consultation with the client and, where appropriate, their other senior advisors. Detailed research and cultural and jurisdictional aspects are carefully considered before the programme is crafted and implemented.

Our focus areas include:

  • Crisis management
  • Media handling
  • Litigation support
  • Campaigns
  • Profile building and management
  • Political counsel
  • Reputation audit and risk assessments
  • Political risk analysis