Political Advisory

The Political Advisory Practice provides political counsel, UK and international public affairs services and macro-economic insights to our clients. We use our in-depth understanding of the interconnections between the political, media and business arenas to enable clients to effectively navigate, and seize opportunities, in this globalized world.

We predominantly focus on the UK and the European Union and its constituent Member States, although we also advise on the political and regulatory situation in a number of important regional players in the Middle East, Africa and ex-CIS.

We provide a full-service international public affairs service, covering Brussels, London, Paris and Berlin. As part of this, we offer legislative monitoring and lobbying, but also provide an outsiders assessment of existing public affairs skills and work-streams. We can help identify appropriate advisors and staff to build internal capacity where appropriate.

We build political networks for our clients. We provide guidance and programmes to assist clients in developing their own networks and relationships with key decision-makers.

We identify areas of political or media risk, and advise clients on how to seize opportunities presented by these risks to the benefit of their business interests.

We provide our clients with insightful mapping about who the key players are, and what their priorities are, in regard to specific objectives set by the client. We explain their motivations, their alliances, and work to map out future moves.

Our focus areas include:

  • UK and EU political counsel
  • Macro-economic analysis
  • Political risk analysis
  • Media relations and risk analysis
  • Key opinion leader outreach programmes
  • Stakeholder mapping and insight