A company’s reputation is its most valuable asset and, in an increasingly interconnected world, companies need to respond clearly and swiftly to the critical issues they face.

The Corporate Practice specialises in reputation and crisis management as well as litigation support, for businesses and boards across a wide range of sectors and geographies. Our clients range from large listed companies to privately owned businesses, to institutions and trade associations. We have built a select team of senior advisors with unparalleled media, communications, business and political expertise and networks to develop bespoke solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

We work closely with our clients, and their other advisors as required, to develop strategies that enable them to achieve their objectives, mitigate the impact of crises and articulate their message across a crowded and competitive media, business and political landscape.

Some of our clients look to us for support on long-term, open-ended programmes where we work on a retained basis. Others seek help with specific specialist short-term projects. In every case we create a bespoke team with exactly the skills and expertise to meet their needs.

We are experts in litigation and cyber communications. Reputations are always at risk when a major legal dispute or a cyber breach is played out. Whether the situation calls for a reactive or proactive approach, we work closely with the legal and forensic teams to develop the right strategy to support the proceedings, manage key audiences and protect our clients’ reputations.

Our focus areas include:

  • Corporate positioning
  • Reputation management
  • UK and EU political counsel
  • Crisis management
  • Media relations
  • Reputation audit and risk assessments
  • Political risk analysis
  • Litigation support
  • Data breaches and cyber attacks
  • Global campaigns